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BrainTap is a revolutionary light & sound technology that creates symmetry of light synchronization and sound frequencies to relax and rejuvenate your brain. BrainTap treatments are delivered through a special headset and help:


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Operating at peak performance and living a healthier lifestyle is now even easier. Create your own success in 20 relaxing minutes at home, by providing your brain the stimulus it needs to transform you into a mental powerhouse.

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Headsets available at Mind & Body Family Health Center for purchase.

What Is It?
BrainTap is a combination of five mind-impacting technologies including light frequencies, beats and tones, auriculotherapy (similar effect to acupuncture needles, but using light frequencies), 10-cycle holographic music and guided visualization. BrainTap sessions are delivered through a special state-of-the-art headset that blocks out ambient inputs and enables you to focus on the treatment session.

How Can It Help Me?
BrainTap helps improve brain function and promotes a state of calm. After just a few sessions, our patients report an increased ability to overcome negative behaviours such as stress eating or smoking and a generally more positive mindset

Is It Safe?
BrainTap is entirely safe. The light and sound therapies that comprise the BrainTap technology are 100% natural. BrainTap sessions are also safe for children and there are special treatment sessions available for them.

How Many Treatments Do I Need?
Our patients typically undergo at least 5-10 BrainTap sessions, often in conjunction with LASER LIPO or MICRO CURRENT NEUROFEEDBACK treatments.

Why Mind & Body Family Health Center?
We provide a holistic treatment plan for each patient, combining therapies that help you look and feel your best. We’ve treated hundreds of patients with BrainTap and have a deep understanding of how to integrate its powerful visualization therapies into your overall wellness plan


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