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Unique, Natural, Safe And Effective Ways To Help You Feel Better Again And Manage Wellness

As a registered nurse, wife, mother and together with my sisters a caretaker of our parents, I have experienced seeing and feeling the effects of health on individuals as well as the loved ones around them.

Working in a hospital for 20 years as a nurse, and my husband being a pharmacist, we realized the importance of prevention. Alternative therapies and natural supplementation are common practices in our home. It is always our first choice to take the natural route to better health.

My goal is to provide unique, natural, safe and effective ways to help manage wellness. I enjoy educating others on ways to prevent and stay healthy. I want to empower you so you can make better decisions regarding your health. I invite you to contact me or visit the Mind & Body Family Health Center where we can assist you in finding solutions to better health. It is not about the length of our life, it’s about the quality of each and every day. Allow me to help you make it your best.

Theresa Horab, R.N.

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