Video Testimonials

Learn what Melissa’s experience has been like treating anxiety and an interruptive case of bipolar disorder with Microcurrent Neurofeedback and how even her family life and sleep have improved with 5 treatments!

Learn how a high-performance 73-year-old veteran is using Microcurrent Neurofeedback to treat his ongoing symptoms from myasthenia gravis and PTSD. Symptoms that include anxiety, depression, general aches and pain, and why he considers MCN a force in improving his conditions.

Hear Emily’s story dealing with anxiety and headaches from MCN Treatment.

Elizabeth dealt with anxiety that interfered with work, school, and had tried various forms of therapies and medications to alleviate her symptoms. Hear about Elizabeth’s story of making the change to MCN, and how she’s found a treatment even her family has noticed that works.

Learn why Giovanni made the change to MCN and saw improvements with his attention span, enthusiasm for learning more, confidence especially in group and social activities and more!