Theresa Horab RN

Theresa has been a registered nurse for over 30 years, and is the owner and operator of Mind Body FHC. She started exploring and personally using alternative health care over 20 years ago. She is passionate about educating people to make the safest most effective and informed choices about managing their health.

Observing the evolution of illness as she cared for her parents, she came to the realization that prevention is key, she has a passion for being part of the necessary movement of healthcare toward a self-managing system. She is confident that through teaching preventative medicine and integrative therapies she is able to provide people with not only lifelong tools but legacies for their children and their children’s children.

Theresa has over 20 years of clinical experience at Children’s Hospital of Buffalo. Her focus involved high-risk labor & delivery, the operating room and poison control. She held many education positions at the hospital including high-risk obstetrics, she was also the poison control outreach educator for western New York.

Theresa also has over 20 years in alternative health care. While working at  the hospital, she also traveled with an international supplement company educating people on natural products and the importance of being proactive with their health.

In 2014, Theresa decided to take all her knowledge, experience and continued education to create the opportunity for people to have safe, effective, non-invasive, non-drug approaches to health using cutting edge, high tech, high touch modalities.

In 2015, she discovered IASIS Microcurrent Neurofeedback in hopes to help her own son, and she did. It then became the pillar of services that she offers at Mind & Body Family Health Center and has helped many people and families with this unique technology. She is a certified IASIS provider and trainer. She also travels Internationally educating and training other health care professionals around the world that are implementing the technology in their offices and clinics.

Over the last several years, Theresa has focused on attending conferences and trainings presented by leading experts around the world in the areas of integrative medicine for mental health, environmental medicine, functional medicine, integrative medicine, regenerative medicine, and photobiomodulation.

At the end of the day, it is Theresa’s passion to help people. This motivates and drives her to better understand and share the options people have when it comes to their most valuable assets—their health!